*Saturday November 16th @ 2:00 PM*    *Abner Clay Park, Jackson Ward*

Dear Virginians,
Please join us for a very important action. Our youth are facing only the latest developments of imperialism, slavery, and the criminalization of our lives. Friends, family, and loved ones are constantly threatened and in fear of the growing web of the Prison-Industrial Complex. We refuse to be imprisoned for who we are, where we live or what we do not have. We refuse to be housed in cages, and locked out of education and employment opportunities and denied human dignity. We demand freedom, we demand justice, and we demand an end to mass incarceration. It’s time to take action.

CALL TO ACTION: Collective X, a multi-issue direct action collective, is helping to organize this march but we need YOUR help. We need your help spreading the word, getting people involved and making it as fun and creative as possible. Reach out to your friends, families and communities however you feel is best. Join the march as yourself or in as organizations/groups/blocs marching side by side and controlling your own messaging. Focus on whatever issues are close to your heart.

Examples of issues we are eager to confront are, but are not limited to…
– systemic racism
– the war on drugs
– solitary confinement
– school to prison pipeline
– mandatory minimums
– the PIC
– poverty
– prison abolishment
– inhumane treatment of prisoners
– the cost of imprisonment
– the death penalty
– local jails
– police abuse
– court misconduct
– the abolishment of parole in Va

It would be a great opportunity to meet others that care about these same issues, educate one another and take action together. This is an all encompassing family friendly event and children are encouraged to come. Please feel free to bring creative signs and wear colorful costumes. Bring instruments or items from home to make noise with so we can make sure to be heard loud and clear! Most importantly wear comfortable shoes and remember to bring water to stay hydrated!.

The rally, featuring several informed speakers from endorsing groups, will begin at 2pm followed by an fun and energized march promptly at 3pm.

A Facebook event page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/180673835453514/

Thank you,

Collective X


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